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On Friday I posted my two-hundred-and-twentieth YouTube video: Quick Pick Sell MHGM

This week’s Quick Pick is a little different. Normally my Quick Picks are long (buys) but this one is a short (sell). This is a reaction to the terrible Covid outbreak in China right now. China went from a strict, 0-covid policy to hardly any policy at all. While their vaccine rate sounds good at 90%, a lot of that is Chinese-produced, non-RNA vaccines, which have proven to be fairly ineffective against the new Covid variants. As a result, viral projection models expect 1.1 to 1.3 million deaths over the next wave (or waves) of Covid in China. So how does that affect MGM International? Their resort in Macau, China, while recently receiving their gambling license renewal, will get hit hard by the largely self-directed reduction in travel. And the “official” policy, which is to encourage travel and work-as-usual, seems to be having the opposite effect by creating fear among Chinese citizens. Macao, following the lead of the new policies from the central government, has just about dropped its requirements for testing and quarantine. The new rules essentially say, “We just want you to come.” Instead, many people are locking themselves down in an effort to stay healthy as China’s covid problem runs rampant and the Chinese government refuses to share accurate data. I don’t want to watch this Covid disaster further hammer my position in the stock. I’ll be selling it at a loss in my Jubak Picks Portfolio (hey, harvest those tax losses for 2022), but I will look to get back in April or May if I start to see optimistic traders betting on an end to this wave of the Covid Pandemic in China.

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