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Today I posted my two-hundred-and-twenty-first YouTube video: Quick Pick Watch Tesla

This week’s Quick Pick isn’t a “buy,” it’s a “watch.” Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) saw its stock down 37% in December–not for the year, but in ONE MONTH. The stock is down 65% for the year. If you want to look for some support for the current low of 107, you’d have to look years back. Throughout the year there has been steady support and resistance at 206-217 but around November, the stock took a major dive and doesn’t look to be recovering any time soon. Monday, Tesla announced its delivery news for the fourth quarter of 2022. While it delivered a record 405,278 cars that was below the consensus. One of Elon Musk’s problems is he continues to over-promise and under-deliver. So while Musk promised a delivery growth of 50%, the actual 40% growth-although extremely impressive-is diminished since it missed company-generated expectations. On top of this, Tesla has announced it’s coming out with a $7500 discount in China, where sales are slumping, and the company also said it would reduce production in China. Tesla also has to figure out how to handle the lower-priced end bottom of the market where companies like GM have moved in. The Inflation Reduction Act offered subsidies, credits, and incentives to buy electric cars, but only one Tesla model made the list due to their high prices and battery packs that didn’t meet made-in-American standards. I’m not shorting Tesla after this tumble. It’s a good car company with impressive technology. But the valuation problem remains. I’ll be keeping my eye on Tesla’s share price, and you should too.

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