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Today I posted my one-hundred-ninety-ninth YouTube video: Quick Pick GM

This week’s Quick Pick is General Motors (NYSE: GM). On Monday morning, October 25, GM announced third-quarter revenue earnings of $41.89 billion-slightly below the $42 billion that Wall Street was expecting, but still a record high for General Motors. The adjusted earnings of $2.25 per share killed Wall Street estimates of $1.89. Additionally, GM confirmed its full-year earnings guidance of $13 to $15 billion for the year. That’s extremely reassuring for a market wary of a possible recession. The Chevy Bolt is back (after a previous halt to sales due to severe battery problems) and took about 8% of the US market for electric vehicles in the last quarter. The successful return of the Bolt, with more electric vehicles coming in 2023, gives GM, essentially, sole (or close to it) ownership of the low-priced end electric vehicle market. The company also recently announced that it has assured supply of the materials needed to build the vehicles and batteries through 2025 at a rate of one million vehicles a year. While GM is no Tesla, the stock isn’t priced as if it were, either. Is Tesla with a market cap of $689 billion actually worth 12 times GM’s $53 billion? I’ll be adding recently added GM to my portfolios on and

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