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I’m selling E.I. du Pont (DD) out of the Jubak Dividend Income Portfolio today, May 28, for the same reason that I just sold Rayonier (RYN). The stock has held up so well that the 4.5% yield doesn’t compare favorably to the higher yields offered by stocks that have been beaten up in the recent correction.

I’m selling du Pont today to make room for one of the higher yielding stocks that I picked in today’s post “The selloff has created big bargains in dividend stocks” . The stock’s price is up 37.5% since I added it the dividend income portfolio on December 9, 2008.

And, of course, the stock has paid that solid, Treasury-note-beating dividend for all that time too.

Full disclosure: I own shares of Rayonier in my personal portfolio and will sell them three days after this is posted.