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Facebook (FB) Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg told Reuters that the company now had 5 million active advertisers on its network each month. That’s up from 4 million advertisers in September and 3 million in March 2016. The number of businesses with mobile pages hit 65 million and 8 million businesses have Instagram profiles. Active advertisers on Instagram have climbed to 1 million. That’s a rough quintuple in a year.

Some 75% of those 5 million advertisers are outside the United States. Fastest growing markets, the company reported, are India, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina

Facebook is a member of my long-term 50 stocks portfolio. (I added it to that portfolio on November 2, 2016. Since then the shares have gained 10.91%.) On March 30, 2017 I added Facebook LEAPS calls with a strike price of $150 and an expiration of January 19, 2018 to my new Volatility Portfolio at a price of $8.95. (The Volatility Portfolio is available to subscribers to my and sites.)

The company is scheduled to report earnings in the last week of April or the first days of May.

Full disclosure: I own shares of Facebook and Facebook options in my personal accounts.