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Today I posted my two-hundred-and-ninety-third YouTube Video: Investing in Inflation

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Today’s video is Investing in Inflation. I went shopping at Costco and Target on the Saturday before July 4 and didn’t buy anything at either store.But for two very different reasons. Costco was mobbed with lines longer than I’ve ever seen and Target was nearly empty, as were many of its shelves. While Target does sell some groceries, it’s not a destination for bargain-hungry food shoppers that Costco is. Headline inflation–or “all-item” inflation–is down, but core inflation, which includes food, is still at 5.3%. That’s enough price inflation to hurt and consumers are looking to focus on saving pennies and dollars at a store like Costco. A comparison chart of Target and Costco stocks shows a huge divergence in May between the two retailers, with Costco marching steadily up, and Target diving down. I don’t expect core inflation to come down dramatically any time soon, so investing in inflation is a good bet here. Check back tomorrow for a stock play on high core inflation.

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