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Today I posted my two-hundred-and-thirty-fifth YouTube video: Quick Pick

Today’s Quick Pick: (NYSE: AI). This is not a normal Quick Pick, this is, well, a little different. I’m not suggesting you buy this today, but instead, keep this one in your back pocket for the next big “risk-on” market rally. This is TICKER you’ll want to own when the market is shooting upward. Someone recently commented on Seeking Alpha that this ticker is worth more than the company–and I think they’re exactly right. When Microsoft came out with the news that they had invested $10 billion into OpenAI, it kicked off a frenzied buying spree for all things “AI.” C3.AI, with its ticker, AI, was no exception. AI saw its stock shoot up from $10.26 to $25 in approximately a month. I maintain that if you were to start an ice tea business, but call it “Ice Tea AI,” your stock would shoot up during this time as well. The company is a real company, run by Tom Siebel, a Silicon Valley pioneer. Overall, the company doesn’t have a lot of traction in the market just yet, and I’m not sure they have a big enough asset to be bought out at the moment. For now, keep this in mind for that small rocket section of your portfolio; if it blows up no big deal, if it goes to the moon, fantastic!

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