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My one-hundred-and-seventieth YouTube video: “Quick Pick Intel” went up today.

Intel (INTC) has had a bad year. In fact, you can argue that Intel has had “bad years.” The company has fallen behind both Taiwan Semiconductor and Advanced Micro Devices and getting back to parity isn’t a matter of one new chip. But I think the company and its stock may be near a bottom. (“Near,” mind you, depending on how the economy moves.) To me it looks like Intel will begin closing some of the technology gap with its rivals in 2023 and, the world certainly needs more chip factories. Thanks to the big drop in the stock, the shares trade with a high 4.3% dividend. And I think that dividend is safe due to Intel’s recent deal with Brookfield Asset Management that secures $15 billion in financing for the company’s new chip factories in Arizona. Which is why I’ll be adding it to my Dividend Portfolio on and on Monday.

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