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Today I posted my two-hundred-and-eighth YouTube video: Quick Pick NiSource

This week’s Quick Pick is NiSource (NYSE: NI). If you saw my last Trend of the Week video, you know that I believe the dip in utilities represents a good buying opportunity as utilities make the transition away from coal and natural gas with an eye toward the future of electricity. Investors have already started “rewarding” some utility stocks, like Eversource Energy (NYSE: ES) and NextEra Energy (NYSE: NEE), because they see these utilities starting that transition. Which means, of course, that these stocks have been bid up on that recognition. Eversource is rated by Morningstar as 6% overvalued and NextEra, which owns Florida Power & Light, is rated at fair value by Morningstar. The utility I’m looking at is NiSource, which largely services Indiana and Ohio—not generally considered bastions of cutting-edge green energy technologies. But! Goods going from coast to coast necessarily travel through those states, and as trucking companies make the transition to electric, the utility companies that service those areas will need to provide the power. NiSource is at the beginning stages of its own transition away from coal and toward renewable sources. The stock currently trades at a 20% discount, according to Morningstar, with a 3.65% dividend, higher than both Eversource and NextEra. NiSource says they’re expecting 6-8% annual earnings growth over the next 10 years and they’ve started investing in renewables in Indiana and Ohio. I think this is a stock that will start to get recognized as committing to the energy transition and I’ll be adding it to my dividend portfolio.

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