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Today I posted my two-hundred-and-ninety-seventh YouTube Video: Quick Pick Nvidia Hold Through Earnings on August 23

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Today’s Quick Pick is Nvidai (NVDA)–Hold Through Earnings on August 23. Nvidia reports late in this quarter’s earnings season, and this report is expected to be very good. Wall Street’s expectations range from a low of 75 cents a share to a high of $1.75 but the consensus is $1.66 a share, up from 32 cents last year. Nvidia has been reporting 30% positive surprises in recent quarters, so there’s a good chance the results may be even better than expected. My suggestion is to hold the stock through this report in August, and then think about selling. I know, I know. Sell Nvidia!? That’s crazy! Here’s the thing. At some point, Nvidia’s growth rate is going to start to slow. When it does, people will look at the stock and decide the slower growth rate may not be worth the expensive price. I’d look to sell in late fall/early winter, but for now, hold through the earnings report in August.

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