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My one-hundredth-and-twentieth YouTube video “Quick Pick: Tellurian” went up today.

I see an opportunity in Tellurian (and its penny stock) and its ambitious plans for adding new liquified natural gas supply in the U.S. Tellurian (TELL) reminds me of Cheniere Energy (LNG), which was also a long term/high-risk in LNG when I first bought it. (I now own it again in my Jubak Picks Portfolio.) TELL is currently constructing its first plant, with plans for first LNG in 2026. But the fact that they’ve started construction and have inked contracts with Shell makes me confident that the company will be able to raise the money it needs to meet its goal. And certainly all the market forecasts say there will be plenty of demand for LNG over the next decade. The stock is volatile, and it is a very longterm play. Which is why I’ll be adding it to my “Millennial Portfolio–for investors with more time than money” (on my subscription site) on Monday.

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