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Today I posted my two-hundred-and-ninety-sixth YouTube Video: Remember the Quiet Period

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Today’s video is Remember the Quiet Period. Don’t panic. There have been a lot of announcements coming from the Fed recently but it’s not because there’s a new crisis or a huge event brewing. It’s simply that the window of time when the Fed can speak is about to close. The Fed has to go quiet twelve days before the July meeting, so right now, they’re trying to make it very clear to the market that a 25 basis point raise is likely in July. On Monday, three Fed officials, Michael Barr, Mary Daly and Loretta Mester discussed the need for another rate hike–possibly two. We’ll be entering the Fed’s quiet period on Saturday, July 15. Looking at the CME FedWatch, on July 11, the market believed there was a 92.4% chance we’ll get a rate hike on July 26. On the same date, the market thought the odds were only at 22.2% for a 25 basis point increase at the meeting on September 20. It sounds like the Fed has made their intentions clear for the July 26 meeting, and the market won’t be shocked by a rate hike on that date. September 20? Hmmm.

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