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Today I posted my two-hundred-and-seventy-sixth YouTube Video: Trend of the Week Gold with a Copper Kicker

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This week’s Trend of the Week is Gold with a Copper Kicker. Going long gold is a good way to go short on the market–gold will go up if the market goes down. Gold mining stocks also have an advantage–an upside kicker–since while mining for gold, the companies also produce a lot of copper. There is growing demand for copper in green energy products like electric vehicles. At the moment, gold stocks are trading on the price of gold alone but miners are adding to copper reserves knowing that it will be a big equity plus. I don’t think these copper kickers are priced into the stocks right now. Newmont (NEM) just purchased Newcrest, which has big copper reserves in Australia and Papua New Guinea, making Newmont not only a global gold leader but also a major producer of copper. Barrick Gold (GOLD) has also increased its copper production substantially. Gold is a great way to hedge the market in the short term, but these copper kickers have long-term upside potential as the cost of copper continues to rise.

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