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Today I posted my two-hundred-and-eighty-first YouTube Video: Trend of the Week Should You Sell Nvidia?

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Today’s Trend of the Week is Should You Sell Nvidia? Nvidia (NVDA) has had a great run. Recently, post-earnings, the stock shot up even higher It’s up 44% in the last month, 67% in the last three months, and 166% year to date. The PE on trailing earnings is 203. (The average market PE for a well-liked growth stock is closer to 25-28.) That makes this an making this extraordinarily high-priced stock. However, the forward PE is “just” 84 times projected earnings per share over the next 12 months. That’s below very hefty projected earnings growth. The current growth projection for the second quarter is at 302%; the following quarter is 286%; and for the year as a whole, 132%. So at 84 times projected earnings this isn’t extraordinarily expensive–as long as those projections come through. It’s very hard for a company, even Nvidia, to maintain this kind of growth for very long. Growth in 2024 is only projected at 34%. If we get down to 50% or 30% growth, the market is likely to wake up one day and feel this is a really expensive stock. So keep an eye on guidance for 2024 as we get closer to 2024. (A rule of thumb is that Wall Street analysts tend to look about 6 months ahead in their buy/sell/hold calls on a stock. For now, hold on. Until you see growth projections start to drop below 100%. At that point, even if a stock growing by 50% a year is an amazing future story, a door might be a good thing to find.

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