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Today I posted my two-hundred-and-forty-fourth YouTube video: Trend of the Week Utilities Are Struggling as Inflation Surges

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This week’s Trend of the Week video is Utilities are Struggling as Inflation Surges. As utilities start to update their grid infrastructure to support renewable energy sources, utility companies have filed for rate increases. Those rate increases have to be approved by state government regulators, and they’ve recently gotten some pushback, specifically from utility commissions in the Midwest, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan. As an example, in Michigan, DTE applied for a $388 million rate increase and the utility got approval for just $31 million. Utility commissions are arguing that they can’t approve rate increases when consumers are already facing soaring utility bills. Investors have expected utilities to be a place to hide in this market, with projected growth and higher revenue, but due to this kind of resistance from regulators, you can’t count on utilities to revenue and income to fuel dividend increases at the same rate as in recent years. I suggest picking utilities one by one, as opposed to ETFs in order to stay away from some of those companies that do business in less accommodating states. You can find specific utility stocks in my Dividend Portfolio available on and

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