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Today I posted my two-hundred-and-thirty-eighth YouTube video: You Can Get 5% (in a CD)

This week’s Trend of the Week is: You Can Get 5% (In a CD). Thank you, Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve. Recently we’ve seen a huge rally in short-term yields. Right now, you can get a 5% CD from Capital One with a $0 minimum. As far as money markets go, you can get one from CFG Community Bank at 4.45% with a $1,000 minimum. For a fund, PIMCO Enhanced Short Maturity Active Exchange (NYSEARCA: MINT) is an actively managed fund that’s shifted around between some treasury and some corporate funds and currently, you could get more than 4.5%. One thing to think about in this environment is whether or not you want to hold a fund or buy bonds from TreasuryDirect, knowing that the debt ceiling crisis could cause treasury prices to go down. If the treasury prices do go down, bond funds will hurt, unless you hold it to maturity. My suggestion is to buy the treasury, if it rallies, you can sell, otherwise, keep it and get the guarantee of the yield. For more on this, go to or to find a complete, in-depth look at all these options.

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