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Overreaction? $4 gas and $100 oil?

Overreaction? $4 gas and $100 oil?

Monday oil prices and oil stocks soared on the bullish case that the surprise OPEC+ production cut will push gasoline to $4 a gallon and oil to $100 a barrel. Not everyone buys the bullish case–at least not after a few days of what these analysts call a...
U.S. oil production hits a record, destroying OPEC’s supply cut strategy

OPEC+ is in crisis again–but since no one knows quite what the result is likely to be, we’ve had big swings in sentiment and prices in the oil market (and in banks, other commodities, and the inflation/deflation play) today

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its affiliated oil producers (OPEC+) abandoned their Monday meeting after days of tense talks failed to result in an agreement on a tentative deal to increase production, and even over how to measure production....