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My one-hundredth-and-twenty-fourth YouTube video “Quick Pick Booking Holdings Update” went up today.

Today I’m updating my Quick Pick from about a month ago to say that this last week’s earnings report from Delta (DAL) plus optimistic forecasts and earnings from American Airlines and United Airlines this week only make me more confident of the growth story for Booking. I think that with travel returning to near a pre-Pandemic normal this summer, travel booking sites will see revenue increases in the later quarters of 2022. Plus, these sites don’t have to worry about fuel costs like actual airlines do. (And I think”bargain hunting” sites like those owned by Booking Holdings will get an extra boost from rising inflation and from worries about a potential recession. My logic is explained more fully in the video.) I’ll be adding these shares to my Jubak Picks portfolio with a target price of $2800 a share tomorrow, Friday, April 22.

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