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Today I posted my three-hundredth YouTube Video: Quick Pick Iron Mountain

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Today’s Quick Pick is Iron Mountain (IRM). Iron Mountain has been around since the 1950s. It started off as a corporate document storage repository and has gradually moved into shredding, security and digitalization (they digitize and store important documents) and a full cloud storage and management offering. The company has 93 million square feet of storage around the world in 56 countries. It acquired about 29 companies in the last three years as the company looks to consolidate a still rather fragmented industry. It has had an average 5.6% revenue growth over the last three years. Morningstar calculates the shares trade at a 3% discount, with a PE of 31, and they pay a 4.2% dividend. I think Iron Mountain is riding a number of o-gern The long-term trends that include corporate and cyber security, as well as the need for document backup in a age of climate change. I’ll be adding this to my JubakPicks and Dividend portfolios on Monday, July 24..

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