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My one-hundredth-and-thirty-second YouTube video “Trend of the Week Give “Em the Cash” went up today.

So far, so good this earnings season: oil and natural gas producers are holding the line on capital spending on new production, as they promised, and returning the huge increases in profits from the jump in oil and natural gas prices resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions slapped on Russian energy exports. And they’re returning those profits, as promised to shareholders as dividends. Big dividend payouts. Look at Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD), for example, which beat earnings for the first quarter and raised its dividend payout to what amounts to better than 11% annualized. I think we’ll see this trend continue for a while, especially as many CEOs stick to the path of putting fewer resources into new exploration and production because they can’t be sure how long the current level of prices will last.

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