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Today I posted my two-hundred-and-twentieth YouTube video: Everybody (Well, Almost Everybody Hates 2023

(Almost) everybody hates 2023. We’re just four days into 2023 and we’ve already had some negative reporting come from the IMF, (International Monetary Fund) stating that a third of the world will likely be in recession in 2023. The US may escape the recession, but just barely, with the Fed projecting a .5% GDP growth rate for 2023. All this bad news is actually good news because it means we may finally see a bottom. Once we can remove the “almost” and definitively say EVERYONE hates 2023, that’s when we can get back to investing. I think we’re about six months away from that. The S&P was at 3816 on January 3, inching closer to the October low of 3583 and the June low of 3674. If we get back down to those lows, or lower, I’d say it’s time to start putting your money back to work.

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