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Today I posted my two-hundred-and-second YouTube video.

This week’s Trend of the Week: Mud Season in Ukraine. During World War II, the western powers were hoping for a tough mud season to slow down the war and make it harder for Germans to race into Poland. Instead, a historically dry mud season led to German Panzers easily rolling deeper and deeper into Poland. In Ukraine, we can expect mud season to start to affect the war relatively soon-it’ll likely not slow the violence (it might even get worse), but lines will be stuck in place as travel through the mud will become treacherous and tanks and troops will be relegated to roads. Since the recent escalation of the war, Russia has announced its grain deal with Ukraine to get grain out of the country was off and then on–and think off again is a real possibility after the deal expires on November 19. All this means more uncertainty and higher prices in the grain market. I think you’ll see ETFs like Teucrium Wheat Fund (NYSEARCA: WEAT) and Teucrium Corn Fund (NYSEARCA: CORN) rise as prices for grain go up. These two ETFs are a way to hedge the rising costs of grain and volatility in stock prices.

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