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I’m starting up my videos again–this time using YouTube as a platform.

My one-hundredth YouTube video “QuickPick Cummins Update” went up today.

Welcome back to Quick Picks. I have another update this week, this time on Cummins (CMI), the maker of diesel engines that I first covered in August 2021. Cummins has built itself into a leader in developing new technologies for diesel engines in terms of efficiency and is now using the cash flow from that legacy business to create a market leading position in clean energy engines (fuel cells and electric vehicles.) That willingness to invest legacy earnings in new businesses is why I say they’re more like MSFT than XOM. The stock has fallen in recent months, so I think it’s a great time to buy and hold (and get paid a 2.6% dividend, too).

Cummins has been a member of my long-term 50 Stocks Portfolio since May 3, 2013. That position is up 99.26% to the close on February 11. Cummins has been a member of my Dividend Portfolio since May 10, 2018. That position is up 58.51%.

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