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Today I posted my two-hundred-and-twenty-first YouTube video: Trend of the Week Watch Credit Card Debt After Christmas

This week’s Trend of the Week: Watch Credit Card Debt After Christmas. Christmas is a huge anomaly when it comes to the stock market and consumer spending. Jobs numbers and data predictions that come out in December are massively adjusted for the season–and the published numbers are almost always wrong. This December, you can look at consumers, already stretched by inflation, taking on more credit card debt because “It’s Christmas” and they want to make sure there are presents under the tree. The thinking may be, “I’ll blow up my credit cards at Christmas, and then start to cut back in January.” The time to look at the default and bad debt rating numbers from banks is in January and February. This will give us a better picture of where the economy and consumers are for 2023 than the skewed December numbers might. Another good indicator of the consumer market is Wal-Mart (NYSE- WMT). As we come out of the holiday spending season, keep an eye on Wal-Mart to get a better idea of how the economy is doing. If Wal-Mart can stay steady, I think other consumer stocks will follow. (Although today’s (January 9) rocky numbers from Macy’s, Chico’s, and Lululemon aren’t good signs.)

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