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It’s not all bad news for tech stocks: Palo Alto Networks beats, announces 3/1 split, and gains 12%

Putin strikes back at Western sanctions; stock market expects more as cybersecurity stocks soar (and I’m adding SentinelOne to my Jubak Picks Portfolio today)

You didn’t expect Russian President Vladimir Putin to just shrug at Western sanctions that now include theU.S. Treasury clamping serious restrictions on Russia’s central bank, did you? Putin has banned all Russian residents from transferring hard currency...
Good news out of Palo Alto Networks doesn’t count for much in a bear market–but enough to earn a hold from me

Adding Palo Alto Networks, #6 in my 10 Best Picks for the Rest of 2019 on, to my Jubak Picks and Volatility Portfolios tomorrow

Today I made Palo Alto Networks (PANW) the sixth pick in my Special Report 10 Best Picks for the Rest of 2019 on my subscription site. Tomorrow, June 28,¬†I’ll add these shares to my Jubak Picks Portfolio and my Volatility Portfolio with a target...