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I’m starting up my video again–this time using YouTube as a platform.

My one-hundredth-and fifteenth YouTube video “Quick Pick Agricultural Commodity ETN JJA” went up today.

This week’s Quick Pick is an ETN that tracks agricultural commodities. What I’m looking for is a chance to buy commodities, particularly wheat and corn, in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine war. Don’t forget that these are two of the biggest regions for producing and shipping wheat and corn. And right now nothing in grain silos in Ukraine can get out across the Black Sea. This ETN has a decent expense ratio compared to competitors and is focused on food–no oil or natural gas or copper. I’m adding it to my Jubak Picks Portfolio (on Monday) in complement to the DJP ETN already in that portfolio, which does include those energy commodities. Thank you and have a good weekend!

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