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This is the kind of news that the very patient investors in Synaptics (SYNA) have been waiting for. The specialist in touch-screen display technologies have announced that a top OEM will put its in-display fingerprint sensors into mass production. The phone maker will unveil its phone with Synaptics’ Clear ID fingerprint sensor at the January Consumer Electronics Show.

Apple’s iPhone X was originally going to use a fingerprint sensor integrated into its OLEC display but launched without Touch ID and with facial recognition ID instead due to problems producing the integrated sensors.

Synaptics says that Clear ID isn’t as fast as direct contract fingerprint sensors, but that it is twice as face as 3D face recognition.

Synaptics looks to have stabilized its falling profit margins and a break through with a mass market phone maker would give the company exactly the volumes that it needs.

The stock, a member of my Jubak Picks Portfolio, was up 2.67% at the close today, December 12. The shares are down 54.68% since I added them to this portfolio on November 10, 2015.